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Counseling Services

Counseling Services- (Sharing is Caring)

The term homosexuality often describes a person's overt behavior, sexual orientation, and sense of personal or social identity. Many persons prefer to identify sexual orientation by using terms such as lesbians and gay men, rather than homosexual. Recent research reports rates of homosexuality in 2 to 4 percent of the population. Freud did not consider homosexuality a mental illness.According to psychodynamic theory, early-life situations that can result in male homosexual behavior include a strong fixation on the mother; lack of effective fathering; inhibition of masculine development by the parentsand losses when competing with brothers and sisters. We can consider homosexuality to be a variation of the sexual functions produced by a certain arrest of sexual development

  • Counseling Services

    What is fertility counselling service?

    The Fertility Counselling Service is a service provided to those couples and individuals who are going through or thinking of undergoing any of the various forms of fertility treatments. It is there to aid you at any point whether it is prior to you making the decision to undergo treatment, during or after treatment.

    Importance of fertility counselling

    Fertility counselling may be specifically beneficial following an unsuccessful cycle or miscarriage, or to assist you to think through decisions about stopping treatment. Anyone considering egg, sperm (or embryo) donation or planning surrogacy is strongly recommended to have fertility counselling to help them consider the implications for themselves and their future child in the short and long-term.A momentous amount of stress, anxiety and depression builds up in couples due infertility issues. Reaction from men and women differs in terms of time and level of commitment towards the subject of infertility. In most of the cases, the couples are fenced in with the fertility of their family, friends and colleagues.
    The treatment of infertility is pretty time and money consuming that makes it rigid for the working couples to fix their schedules in accordance with the clinic visits, given the strict working hour is concerned.

    Most of the young couples those who are going for infertility treatment have their goals set and are considerably successful in their lives, respectively. However, it is being noticed that maximum number of couples believe in the existence of God, and in this case particularly their prayers are not answered.

    A detailed study on women prior to commencing an IVF or ICSI cycle, clearly shows the interrelation between the threshold of stress in the women and various parameters contingent to the IVF procedure like the number oocytes retrieved, percentage fertilized, pregnancy rates and live birth rate. The power of the interrelation between distress and pregnancy was potent the subjects who expressed the minimum baseline level of distress were 93% more likely to give birth than the patients who reported the maximum baseline of distress

    The greater part of research does prove that stress decreases the effectiveness of ART. The down-right mechanism of action however is unidentified. The other significant disadvantage of being highly stressed and depressed is that the chance of the couple abandoning the IVF program after a single cycle failure is extremely high. This very obviously restricts a couple`s ability to get pregnant. One of the most effective ways to mark down growing stress during IVF treatment is in the form of counseling by the IVF clinic staff. This counseling is more effective when it is personalized and involves plenty of attention and support.

    It has been found beneficial for couples to include stress management system, life style modification and other relaxation methods into their daily life during IVF treatment. A support group comprising of other couples seeking similar treatment might be of great help. It is up-to the doctor and the couple to plan out different strategies that could finally work best for each couple.It is essential to stay relaxed, calm and realistic. This is the most adequate way by which a couple could gain a pregnancy, go through the ups and downs of IVF cycles with tranquility and not deviate from their purpose of achieving parenthood through Art.


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