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A Look at ManipalAnkur- Surat

A Look at ManipalAnkur- Surat

Manipal Ankur Surat, has furnished a reputed legacy in the field of Andrology, Reproductive Medicine & Men's Health. It is recognized for bringing high quality services in to the city, that ensure maximum success rates for patients in In-Vitro Fertilization and Reproductive Medicine. Manipal Ankur also focuses in treating Erectile Dysfunction that has posed to be a common problem in men today. With a vision to help childless couples and provide them with the joy of parenthood, the tag line "Bringing dreams to life" is what team Manipal Ankur stands for.

ManipalAnkur-Who We Are

  • Why we are unique
  • Why choose us
  • Our Treatments

  • Aiming at maximizing success rates for IVF & enhance patient care.
  • Cutting-edge technology and renowned doctors.
  • Ability to handle complicated fertility issues like PCOS, Recurrent abortions and IVF failures.
  • Specialized Focus on Male Infertility- Issues with no sperm, zero sperm or low sperm count.
  • Infrastructure at par with international standards.
  • Delivering dedicated and relentless hospitality with personalized care.
  • Pioneers in introducing Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.

We, at Manipal Ankur, Surat, understand the dilemma and doubts a patient undergoes while dealing with infertility. The treatment costs and procedures can invariably be intimidating. Adding to this turmoil, the physical and emotional strife the patient suffers makes their situation extremely stressful.

Our team has dedicated a lifetime of research and examination to counter the medical challenges surrounding infertility, its causes and treatments. At Manipal Ankur, we identify our core structural framework with:

Expertise in reproductive medicines and andrology

Advanced facilities and technology in treatment procedures

Prioritizing comfort, care and ease of the patient

A trained medical staff, skilled with relaxation and de-stressing techniques for the patient’s well-being

Focusing on bringing dreams to life by ranking your goals, your time and your values at the topmost, for your best interest

Transforming your despair into a reassuring and hopeful experience, we at Manipal Ankur, Surat, have accomplished an environment of security for our patients. We have introduced into India, optimum infertility treatment procedures. A diverse range of specialties at Manipal Ankur, Surat, include: Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IUI, IVF and ICSI, Fertility screening, Advanced Semen Analysis, Reproductive Surgeries like- PESA / MESA / VEA / Varicocele, Shockwave therapy for treating Erectile Dysfunction and early vascular ageing in men.
At Manipal Ankur, Surat, we also offer treatment for Ovulation disorders, Blocked /Damaged fallopian tubes, Uterine disorder, PCOS and Recurrent Abortions in women.


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